ArteOlio, €40 million bet on oil made in Italy

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“ArteOlio is an agricultural company” explains CEO Riccardo Schiatti “that integrates the entire olive oil supply chain. The olive groves were planted by us, the agricultural activities are managed by us, we are completing a state-of-the-art oil mill in the middle of our fields. An initiative created to produce 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil and nothing else.” But then there are still people who believe in the future of Italian oil?”. “We believe in it.” says Schiatti, and adds “The sector can count on a brand that is still very strong: extra virgin olive oil made in Italy. However, production needs new methodologies to be re-launched.”
Except for planting, which was done manually, all production phases in ArteOlio will be mechanized. The main olive varieties planted are Arbequina, Arbosana, Oliana and Lecciana, in addition to the local Maurino. “We have selected” added ArteOlio CEO “the most suitable cultivars for the type of modern olive groves we are developing. These varieties will allow us to have olive oils with different characteristics that can combine to have blends suited to different market demands.”

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