December 18, 2023 – ArteOlio becomes “Benefit Corporation”

ArteOlio, the Tuscan agricultural company that produces 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, becomes a “Benefit Corporation”, reaffirming its dedication to the creation of value for the environment and the community.

ArteOlio was born as Riccardo Schiatti and Augusto Lippi’s project to produce 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma. Based in Grosseto, the company has been operational since October 2019 and now covers 700 hectares, between the sea and natural parks. Over the past four years, ArteOlio has planted 1 million olive trees of different varieties, owning and governing the entire supply chain, from plant to bottle. The company uses innovative cultivation techniques and guarantees total control over the quality of the product by operating its own hi-tech mill and ensuring the complete circularity of by-products.

ArteOlio has recently completed its first harvest and is entering the market for the first time. At full capacity, ArteOlio will produce 1 million litres per year of high-quality, extra virgin olive oil, seeking the full valorization of the product in the most advanced market niches, both in Italy and in foreign markets, where high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil is most appreciated.

The transformation in Benefit Corporation confirms the company’s DNA: “From the foundation until today, we have always placed our focus on the environment, for its preservation and improvement. ArteOlio, as a company dedicated to agricultural activity, is also by its nature closely connected to the territory from a social point of view,” explains CEO Riccardo Schiatti. “The transformation in Benefit Corporation therefore acknowledges and institutionalizes a way of doing business that we have lived and implemented since our establishment,” Schiatti adds.

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