September 8, 2020 – Gellify acquires a majority stake in Bit2win from Accenture

Gellify Digital Investment, the investment side of the platform for innovation Gellify, has acquired a majority stake in Bit2win, an Italian company that provides software for order management and the maximization of sales based on Salesforce. The seller is the American consulting company Accenture that will retain a minority stake. Now the senior management of Bit2win and approximately 25 people from Accenture will move to the company.
Andrea Galbiati, CEO and founder of Bit2win, explained: “After about 4 growing years inside Accenture, Bit2win exit’s represents a new strategical path to realize our ambitions as an independent company. Our constant relation with Accenture and Gellify will provide access to the strategical and operative support to help the business grow further”.
Fabio Nalucci, CEO and Gellify’s founder, added: “This represents an important step to further build Gellify’s strategical position as a global B2B platform for innovation, defining the new borders of the open innovation”.


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