August 25, 2020 – Banco BPM alongside VERTEQ Capital in support of ArteOlio

Banco BPM has provided new medium-long term financing lines, for a total amount of €5,85m, to support the start-up phase of ArteOlio Società Agricola S.r.l. ArteOlio is an innovative start-up established in August 2019 in Grosseto with the objective of developing 500 hectares of super-intensive olive groves in Tuscany. ArteOlio, led by the chairman Augusto Lippi and the CEO Riccardo Schiatti, has completed at the end of 2019 a first round of funding for a total of €5m in equity provided by the private equity holding VERTEQ Capital, led by Ennio Valerio Boccardi, who seats in the board of ArteOlio with the role of Vice-Chairman. «We are truly satisfied of the valuable contribution that BPM is offering us in the realization of our project – commented Augusto Lippi, chairman of ArteOlio – the Bank has shown, especially in a difficult period in which an extreme economic uncertainty prevails, that it is able to support entrepreneurs willing to invest in the territory and determined to safeguard the “made in Italy”».


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