Investment strategy

We are sector agnostic with an opportunistic approach. Our typical investment targets are:
  • Well-led businesses in need of a partner able to fuel growth
  • Long-standing businesses in specialised niches with significant international exposure, high margins and cash-flow generation potential
  • Family-owned companies faced with succession issues in need of ownership restructuring through a majority / minority investment
  • Real estate and / or renewable assets providing long-term high yields with limited risk profile

Our distinctive approach

We are organised to bring dedicated expertise to key areas for our investee companies’ success by:
  • Identifying the highest-value development opportunities for the business
  • Creating organizational focus around strategic goals
  • Recruiting key people at the top
  • Identifying successful build-up strategies, scouting target companies and advising on execution
  • Finding the best options to raise additional capital when needed and achieve liquidity events