November 15, 2023 – VERTEQ Capital consolidates in machinery components: Radici Products acquires Polis Termoplastici

VERTEQ Capital, the private equity investment holding company led by Ennio Valerio Boccardi, brings forward its build-up plan in machinery components sector. Its subsidiary Radici Products, a Brescia-based business, acquired exactly 12 months ago, has now finalized the acquisition of Polis Termoplastici, a Modena-based company, which, like Radici Products, specializes in the production of techno-polymer parts for industrial automation machinery. Polis and Radici are strongly complementary in terms of specific product know-how, customer segments and geographic base: therefore, important industrial and commercial synergies arise from the acquisition.

VERTEQ, through Radici Products, has acquired a majority stake in the share capital of Polis Termoplastici, with founder Andrea Reggiani reinvesting significantly, as Radici founders Luca Calabria and Felice Danesi did before, granting also his support to the ambitious growth plan, both organic and through further aggregation of companies in the sector, envisaged for the group now led by CEO Peter Dal Bo.

Total financial resources invested to date in the project rise to 16.8 million euros. This second acquisition was also financed, in addition to the equity capital committed by VERTEQ and the founding partners, through medium to long-term bank financing provided by Banco BPM, assisted in the transaction by the law firm Greco Vitali Associati.

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