October 1, 2019 – ArteOlio, 5.5 million capital increase: private equity holding VERTEQ Capital invests alongside founders

ArteOlio, the agricultural company and innovative start-up founded in Grosseto, Tuscany, announced yesterday a euro 5.5 million capital increase, reserved to the founders Augusto Lippi and Riccardo Schiatti and to the financial partner VERTEQ Capital, the Milan-based private equity investment company managed by Ennio Valerio Boccardi.

ArteOlio, with the financial support of VERTEQ Capital, has launched the production of Italian extra-virgin olive oil employing highly innovative and technological techniques, which enable the production of first-rate extra-virgin olive oil and, at the same time, the efficient and sustainable use of agricultural resources.

ArteOlio and VERTEQ Capital have been assisted in the operation by Sasha Picciolo of Trevisan & Cuonzo law firm.

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