December 18, 2023 – ArteOlio becomes “Benefit Corporation”

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The public benefit purpose of ArteOlio Benefit Corporation has three dimensions: product quality, environmental improvement, and value creation for the local community.

The high quality of the product, guaranteed by the complete control of the supply chain, is not only organoleptic, but also entails a better nutritional profile.

To promote environmental improvement, ArteOlio uses resources efficiently: soil, thanks to very high yield per hectare, and water, thanks to drip micro-irrigation, which helps the preservation of the water table. The grassing of the olive groves, without working the soil between the rows, also favors both the presence of insects and the fixation of nitrogen and the enrichment of organic matter in the soil. Finally, with more than one million new plants planted, there is a great absorption of carbon dioxide.

Finally, ArteOlio is intrinsically an initiative rooted in and connected to the local community. The most obvious benefit is the creation of new jobs, having employed people living in the surrounding area. Among the additional benefits brought by the company’s activity, such as the modernization and maintenance of the canalization system, favoring the flow of rainwater and reducing the risk of flooding in the area.

The formalization of the “Benefit Corporation” status ensures that the focus on these key aspects will forever remain at the heart of our corporate mission, translating into concrete initiatives with measurable results,” concludes Riccardo Schiatti.

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